Earthing auxiliary Transformers

Grounding Transformers for network protection. Limitation of over-voltages and short-circuit currents.

Rotor Excitation Transformers

For high voltage generators. Inject the current demanded by the generator rotor of generation plants.

Traction/Railway transformers

Suitable for use on railway lines, tramways or underground/ subway. Designed to work with rectifier systems consisting of diodes, thyristors or transistors.

Induction Furnace Transformers

Suitable for use with rectifiers and converters in induction furnaces. Built with a system of rectifiers to cope with occasional high overloads in severe working conditions.

Oil Rectifier Transformer

For use in industries, such as pumping stations or extraction and treatment of mineral products 6,12,18 and 24 pulse transformers.

Special Distribution Transformers:

Alkargo also manufactures bespoke, specialist or complex transformers such as Special Distribution Transformers.

Used when unusual or not-standard transformation ratios are required, normally with HV higher than 36 kV and power below 2.500 kVA.

Special Power Transformers for distribution application:

An advanced technology for high and medium voltage networks. Used for the distribution of energy from industrial sites’ substations with specific environmental requirements, special voltages or complex accessories.

  • Rectifiers & Converters (Wind Turbines application)
  • Autotransformers
  • Generator Start-up Transformers