In association with our partner, Powerpoint Engineering Ltd, the UK & Ireland leading supplier of Substation Safety Equipment, GRAFTON POWER LIMITED is pleased to offer a range of switchroom safety and electrical safety products.

  • Substation Safety Equipment, including Insulated Matting, Insulated Gloves, Storage and Testers, Insulated Ladders, Rescue Rods, Life Saving Kits, Earthing & Short Circuiting Kits, Earthing Clamps & Fittings, Operating Rods & Accessories, Voltage Detectors, Substation Warning Signs and Tapes, Gas Detection Equipment

  • Lockout tagout solutions: Safety Padlocks, Lockout Hasps, Electrical Lockout, Valve Lockout, Cable Lockout, Group Lockout Boxes, Lockout Kits, Lockout Safety Tags, Lockout Stations & Padlock Stations, Key Cabinets, Gas Valve Lockouts & Pneumatic Lockouts, Lockout Cabinets, Shadow Boards & Customised engraving Services

  • Arc Flash PPE: Arc Flash Switching Suits / Hoods, Arc Flash Coveralls, Arc Flash Shirts & Polo Shirts, Arc Flash Jackets & Trousers, Arc Flash Waterproof PPE, Arc Flash Gloves, Arc Flash Helmets & Visors

All products are high quality branded items from manufacturers such as Regeltex, Seaward, Sofamel, ABUS, Master Lock, Sterling, BSD, Fristads, Lyngsøe, ProGARM and Tranemo.

We also have access to a good selection of Electrical Test Instruments, Cable Testing Equipment, PAT testers, and some Power Cable Accessories and Connectors.

We are proud to support all initiatives relating to improving the safety, health and welfare of all employees working on site. We therefore offer some site services, as well as training courses:

Substation safety audit

We can carry out a free site visit to survey electrical switch rooms and substations to assess safety equipment requirements. On completion, we will recommendation a comprehensive and tailor made electrical safety solution for each switchroom location.

Arc flash PPE safety awareness training and Arc Flash Training

We can arrange training course at Powerpoint Engineering’s location in Ireland. Contacts us to find out more.


Safety Equipment

Lockout tagout


Arc Flash